Apathy Kills (But Small Hinges Open Big Doors)

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apathy kills small hinges open big doors

Apathy kills.

How many times have you not bothered doing something because it’s ‘just not worth it’?

‘It’s just not worth working out for only five minutes.’

‘It’s just not worth studying for 15 minutes a day.’

‘It’s just not worth skipping that extra slice of cake when I’ve had one slice already…’

You get the idea.

The thing is, it’s the little things that count. 

Don’t ignore the little things.

Don’t underestimate the little things.

Apathy kills.

Every small action compounds into something more. 




Every teeny tiny positive thing will compound into a bigger positive.

Every teeny tiny negative thing will compound into a bigger negative.

No matter how small, how minor, how insignificant you might think a word or action or decision is right now, the effects of it grow.

Negative or positive, the choice is yours. 

You get to decide every single day. 

What change, no matter how small, will you make today? (Hint: Subscribing to our tribe is a good start!)

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